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In Memory of Tony
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Tony's friend, Tory, was nice enough to write down a few stories so I could get this page up and going. I have to admit, the last one is my fave, lol. I can picture it so well. Thanks again, Tory.

Tonys Catch Phrases
"HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!" 
(the line from sloth in the goonies, he would yell this a couple times a day)

"olay olay olay"
(from the replacements)

* He would always talk about potato guns for some reason

* he always called all of us "sparky" and "wanker"

10th Grade

~ Tenth grade was mill carpentry, this is the year where we started to get to know each other.
~ I'd say about half way though the year we were given the task of building book shelves. Our friend Rico was to the point in his project where he had just finished putting it together and he was going to take the clamps off of it. Now you have to understand these were no ordinary wood clamps, these were 5 foot heavy metal clamps, they were very long and very heavy. Rico had asked me to help take off the clamps because it was hard to take them off by yourself. He had already tried to take them off by himself and almost knocked it over. So Tony comes over and sits down on a saw horse and starts talking to us, and Rico tells him to back up because something might fall. Tony brushes it off and sits there anyway. It wasnt even 30 seconds later one of the big clamps fell off and hit a board that was on one of the book shelves, and launched it though the air and hit tony right in the head and gave him a concussion. Now this may not sound funny, but we all had the kind of relationship where we would all laugh at each other when sum1 got hurt, not like seriously hurt, but the minor stuff. After it all happened even Tony thought it was pretty funny.
~ Now for those of you who dont know, a planer is a big machine that takes a rough cut piece of lumber and shaves it down to the thickness you need it to be. In shop we were always told to cut a piece of rough lumber down b4 putting it though the plainer because some of the pieces of wood could be up to thirty feel long (or so). Well, I guess on this day Tony didnt remember to cut the piece of wood down. So he has the longest piece of wood in the shop and he sticks it into the planer and neglected to go to the other side to pull it out. So it comes out of the machine  and it hits a table thats like 10 feet away. this is a very heavy table and it was secured to the floor so it wasnt going anywhere. so the wood hits the edge of the table and the machine keeps pushing it out and not slowing down at all. so now the woor arcs up into the air and is still being pushed though.
~ Tony always use to stick the air hose in his mouth so the pressure would puff out his cheeks like that new h&r block advertisement
~  We would always shut the main power off to the shop everytime tony went to use one of the machines or power tools

11th Grade

~ At the beginning of 11th grade we had a huge burdock fight
  ~ Tony did one of the most painful things I have ever seen in the beginning of 11th grade. It was after the foundation was poured , the first and second floor were built and now, and we were starting to put up the walls. The second floor was just an open platform and u could just jump down to the first floor. Well, Tony did just that, but when he did he locked his knees (so his legs were straight out) and landed just like that. I dont know how much it actually hurt him, but it was painful to watch, one of those pains u could feel just by seeing
  ~ When it was time to pour the cement floor in the basement, it was winter time and the construction workers were kind of jerks. But one of them had a funny idea. Because of the cold outside and the warm cement mix, it was steamy as heck in the basement, so one of the workers told Tony to go down into our tool shed and look for a bucket of steam reducer... Tony must have been looking for it for like10 minutes b4 he realized there was no such thing.
  ~ We had just had a big snow and no1 had shoveled the house site yet. We always arrived by bus, and that means we usually made it to the site b4 our teachers did. So there was always time to do the stupid dangerous things we loved so much. So, anyways, we started having a snow ball fight and I decided to grab the snow shovel and scoop shovel fulls at people. Then Tony tried to take the shovel and he swung it out of my hands and hit me in the head and split it open and gave me a concussion. It wasnt a bad injury, it was actually pretty funny.

12th grade

~ Now at the start of 12th we were working on some changes a teacher wanted done to his house. There were a bunch of walls torn down but the framing was still up with all of the wires running though it. There were a couple of live wires, and Mr. Lyon stressed the fact that we should stay away or be very careful. Well, it couldn't have even been 20 minutes that we were there when we heard Tony give out a yell. Without fail Tony had touched the wire. It wasnt a bad shock but it was enough to startle him. So Mr. Lyon yells at him and tells him to work away from the wires, and without fail 2 more times within the next 20 minutes, he manages to touch them again.
  ~ There was another time we were working on Mr. Kirby's house (our guidance concilors house) and we were all looking for some tools in his garage, and for some reason Tony thought it would be fun to start his snow blower. So he turns it on and realized that it wasnt such a good idea, and tries to shut it off b4 our teacher arrives. That's when he realizes that it was broken and wouldn't shut off. Luck was on his side this day, because it ran out of gas b4 our teacher showed up so he was never caught.
  ~ haha this is a good one. We were workin on the house we built in 11th grade. We were putting a deck on the back of the house and we had the 4 foot holes dug, and we were gettin ready to pour the cement footings. Well, Tony was just walkin along lookin over his shoulder talkin to one of us, and the next thing you know he wasn't talkin anymore and he was just gone, we are lookin all over and then he pops his head up. He had walked straight into one of the holes...